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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  November 14, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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. >> the "morning joe." >> if it's way too early. >> see you guys tomorrow. congratulations. stick around right now for chuck todd. >> president obama's tough words on china. creating a counter balance to china. president obama said grow up. our new poll results show just how badly rick perry's debate flub cost him. newt gingrich continues to climb. herman cain is holding steady, but is this the week he finds problems. the candidate's wife speaks out about sexual harassment allegations against her husband. she said he "totally respects women." it's monday and it is this "the
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daily rundown." i'm chuck todd live from honolulu. good morning, chris. >> good morning, chuck. nice and early this morning. i am impressed. you don't even look tired. you are talking about the republican field. rick perry supporters plummeted among republican voters with the oops moment. this weekend he tried, at least tried to laugh it off. >> governor perry, you advocate the elimination of the department of energy. if you eliminate the department of energy. >> you remembered it. >> i had time to think about it, sir. >> me too. >> so chuck obviously that was a prepared moment. rick perry knew it was coming. how badly has this damaged him? >> let me explain what we did. the "wall street journal" poll, we had the regular survey last week and it surveyed and we had a republican primary like we do
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every week. we decided because of all the news that happened last week with herman cain the day before the entire gloria allred press conference. we decided to recontact as many as we could while in the meantime the rick perry flub happened as well. here's what we learned. we contacted about 40% of the sample which is about average when you do this. to set up an apples to apples, we compared of the people we contacted, how they said the first time and cain led romney 28-27. newt in third and perry in fourth. romney moved up five points. cain dropped a point, but he held steady from 28 to 27. newt gingrich surged five points and rick perry who was not strong in the initial survey
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anyway at 8% fell to 4%. what did we learn on cain? his supporters are sticking with him, but we saw a rise in folks who were concerned about the new allegations and with all the news today that's coming out, another gloria allred press conference apparently. his troubles may not be over, but we are hearing from gloria cain. here's what she said about her husband and the allegations. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman and i know that's not the person he is. he totally respects women. >> so we'll see. we have two candidates for damage control mode. herman cain and rick perry.
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it's fascinating when you look at the not mitt romney primary and the three participants in it at this point, you have newt gingrich who is the brainy guy and you have herman cain who clearly has the passion and the tea party loves him. rick perry has money. if any one of the three can put it together. brains, money and passion, the good news for mitt romney none of the three can put all three of the legs of the stool together. >> it reminds me of what other candidate would you most like and they were talking about being a combination. it looks like you need a combo at the moment to beat mitt romney. i don't think that is happening. you are up way too early in hawaii. the president is obviously in a trade conference there. what's the news out of hawaii
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and what do we expect? >> i say the big news as far as the economy is concerned is the president has decided to rhetorically get tougher on china. every white house official that spoke and briefed us and reporters here, everything was about being a little tougher rhetorically against china. that's popular politics in the united states. frankly whether it's on the left or the right. there is a fear of china. the president always seemed to try to rally a group of asian democracies and all of these economies are growing big time. he was trying to recruit them in the tpp, the transpacific partnership trade group. one country not really invited to it is china. that doesn't mean they wouldn't
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get invited if they played by the rules that the united states wants to put in, but it's another action that the obama administration is doing to try to provide this counter balance on china. in that press conference last night, it was interesting to hear him say china could get away with breaking the rules. now they are a big deal and it's time for them to grow up. >> thanks, chuck. we will hear more from you later in the show. thanks for getting up early and joining us. more on the 2012 race as herman cain and rick perry slip in the polls, they see stock rising. mr. chairman, good morning. chuck and i were talking about this "wall street journal" nbc poll. it looks like mitt romney is starting to be a real front-runner. he is at 32 and rick perry and
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herman cain both slipped. is mitt romney the front-runner for the republican nomination today? >> the polls show him in front. i don't know who will end up becoming the nominee. i know there is a lot of talk about people moving up and down and i wouldn't equate volatility in the field to any sort of indication that there is not going to be a lot of horse power in defeating the president to put the country on the wrong path. >> the volatility in some reasons has been the story. mitt romney in the mid-to high 20s and people rise and fall. what is it about if it's not about republicans not knowing what they want. >> i think it's pretty typical. you had a year or four years ago today you had fred thompson in second place and rudy giuliani in first place and huckabee and
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mccain in the field and mccain became the nominee. i don't think this is that uncommon. what you are seeing is a republican party rigorous debate in our primary. whoever comes out of this, look, 35% only say this president handled this economy in an adequate way. what that tells you is that he is going to get defeated. that's why there is so much debate and focus in on this republican primary. we know that this president can be defeated. it's very doable. we have to make sure we put together a very good viable articulate alternative to this president. that's what you are seeing. >> let me follow-up with that. herman cain struggled with allegations of sexual harassment with rick perry in the debate last week in michigan and a cnbc debate and named the three
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federal agencies to eliminate if he was president. do you believe both rick perry and herman cain will beat president obama next november? >> sure. at the end of the day both of those candidates and our entire field provides a better alternative to the four years of misery this president put us under. i don't think this primary field is a lot different than primary fields and stories that occurred four years ago or in 1992 during the democratic primary contest or 1988. sure, different parties came out ahead at different times, but i think what we are seeing is sort of an enormous amount of focus in on a couple of story when is in reality the american people decided this president failed in his promises and now we need to figure out who is going to be the next president of the united
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states. that's what you are seeing on the republican side of the aisle. >> let me ask you when i talk about candidate-specific. newt gingrich who many people left for the political scrapping appears to be the guy with the most momentum. he talked about his interest with mitt romney over the weekend. you talk about that. >> what people believe they need is somebody to better manage washington, he will be a fine candidate. if somebody can change washington, i will be a better candidate. mitt is at about 15% in the polls. that means 85% of the country available. all i need is the 85%. so i don't need to fight with mitt. >> there two pieces of that. first, newt gingrich is saying he is the change and mitt romney is the manager.
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do they need to nominate a change agent? that's what they ran on in 2008. do republicans need that contrast? >> i'm not going to get into refereeing that particular issue, but -- >> why not? >> i will entertain the question though. i think obviously we need to change direction of this country. there is no doubt about it. this president has not done anything different than any other liberal democrat would have done and hasn't delivered on his promises. what you see on the republican side of the aisle whatever you are talking about, his candidates came out with specific tax plans and some people call it risky and others bold and innovative. the fact is republicans are putting plans on the table to get this $15 trillion debt this president has put on our labs under control. that's what you are seeing.
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i think we want change. we need to change direction. we need a radical move away from the massive tax code and refer business and create jobs in this country. >> one last question. you said repeatedly that you support primaries and they're good for the party. is it the best thing for to you have this nomination wrapped up as quickly and bloodlessly as possible? >> there positives as a party for being done and overwith. raising money and getting out there in the trail. we are doing well on the money front and having a record year and a major donor fund-raising. in the end what happens is it creates a lot of news. it creates a lot of interest and i have seen over the years when you have tough primaries like we had in wisconsin and through the midwest, all the governors that went to difficult primaries, it
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didn't hurt them in general. it created so much earned media attention that it was difficult to stop. quite frankly, hillary and barack obama's epic battle four years ago gave the president a tremendous amount of horse power. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you bet. >> we will go back to chuck in hawaii, but up next, the task of taking on mitt romney gets more difficult by the day. is newt gingrich really the biggest roadblock on the road to the nomination? we are gaming out the next steps, there will be next steps in the presidential race. deferring a deal. the super committee is looking to kick the can down the road. is it possible the only thing congress can agree on is to not make a deal? but first, a look ahead at the president's schedule. don't we all wish we were at the
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news from the campaign trail has been dominated by rick perry's blunders and herman cain's harassment allegations. two men who know always where the tongues are wagging. politico's jonathan martin. hello, guys. let's talk about romney. we go on this topic a lot, but
9:18 am
we were talking about rick perry could beat mitt romney and they were not going to join up any time soon. what can stop him? is he is real front-runner or the nominal front-runner? >> he has been the front-runner all along. the only who could stop him is we have not seen a borage of negative ads. mccain couldn't afford it and huckabee decided not to. >> he showed the ad, he just didn't run it. >> we will see if anyone puts money behind an assault on the flip flops that are out there on video. time is running out. it's mid-november and a lot of people can't afford it. huntsman can't afford to. rick perry is not credible to do it. that's the only thing that could slow him.
9:19 am
>> they want to do it, but for whatever reason he can't. >> it could be a kamikaze issue. >> it could be the scenario. >> you were in south carolina at the debate over the weekend and you wrote a story that said still no one lays a glove on mitt romney. this is not ads. the debate is indirectly. we saw rick perry go after him hard on illegal immigration. the last two debates, as jeff points out, we are not that far away from january 3rd. what gives? is it strategic? >> when in the history of politics when candidates are trailing have they not gone after the top guy. they made a debate because of the nature of the audiences that going after each other does not benefit them. if you don't do it there and on
9:20 am
paid tv or in the mail, how are you making the case that the person will win the race? it is puzzling. i was so strong when i was given the opportunity not to go negative and just reassert what he said about romney? that was central to his entire campaign and his speech. >> he is the change agent. >> he was very blunt. he didn't want to do it in that setting. so could romney escape through this whole thing and not have a glove laid out? probably will face scrutiny at some point. we would have assumed he would have already. >> he got hit harder for being a flip flopper than he is right now. >> as the front-runner. >> the videos and the you tubes that we saw, huntsman would love
9:21 am
to, but the money didn't make it. >> let's talk about newt. i think one of the most amazing developments out of a race that has been unpredictable is all of a sudden i think thanks in large part to the debates, newt is relevant and the conservative alternative to the conservative alternative. the herman cain, rick perry newt gingrich. sustainable. you know iowa better than anyone. does he have the organization that takes a good debate performance and turn it into votes? >> as of now, no. he does not. that's not saying he can't try to build some of it. it's his turn in some respects. that's why he is getting this boom. he is good in debates and thing that also has not come out, if he would take office, the romney people in boston have a long list of things out there. his environmental positions and
9:22 am
his cap and trade. his personal back ground and things. if he has not been vetted. he managed to slide by that because he wasn't a serious candidate for months and months and months. if he would become more of a serious candidate, it would be a strong test for voters. who is the real newt? for now he fills the need for people like what they see. >> i tend to side with jeff on this. this is a guy who has been in public for two decades. >> four decades. >> good point. national prominence. what does he -- what does it look like? do you think your average voter knows the personal background and know his stance on illegal immigration. >> here is the smart guy who is so articulate and you may recall yes, he was a big deal in
9:23 am
beginning, but the memories are fairly -- what happened in congress and what happened with him having to resign and his personal life. folks have a general idea. two debates ago in michigan at the cnbc debate, when it came up, he was talking about freddie mac. that to me was the best illustration yet of what is out there about newt. the fact that by the way, you were taking money from freddie mac. >> his answer was they wanted my historical perspective. >> newt inc. is a complicated web of things. >> opposition researcher's dream. romney campaign manager, thank you, guys. up next a preview of the day on wall street. the market run down is coming up. plus does the super committee lose its super title if they
9:24 am
can't strike a deal? we will go live to penn state where investigation into sex abuse and an alleged university cover up is moving forward. first today's trivia question. a lot of people get this right. which member of congress was once charged with stealing a maserati? get on that to tweet us quick. the first correct answer will get a follow monday. jonathan martin is silently saying the answer. the answer and more is coming up on "the daily rundown." [ male announcer ] what's the beat that moves your heart?
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we are back with the run down. chuck todd is traveling with the president and will check in from hawaii in a moment. a new in addition our lineup.
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alex wagner at noon. don't miss it. on wall street, it looks like markets will start the week in negative territory. no major economic data is coming out although lowe's and jcpenney reported disappointing earnings. retail sales and business inventories. markets were encouraged by the addition of new leaders in italy and greece, but how many obstacles still remain. italy is auctioning off billions in bonds as it tries to shore up fears about its debt. merkel said it marks the toughest hour since world war i ii. "the daily rundown" will be back in 30 seconds.
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>> president obama was 4500 miles from saturday's republican debate, but managed to fire back at mitt romney after romneying issed that the president couldn't stop iran from getting the bomb. >> if we reelect barack obama, iran will have a nuclear weapon. if you elect me as the next president, they will not have a nuclear weapon. >> is this an easy issue? no. anyone who claims it is is either politicking or doesn't know what they are talking about. >> let's check back in with chuck todd live in honolulu. chuck, relatively realtime
9:30 am
reaction from the president. seems like the obama team and the president himself are acknowledging mitt romney looks like the guy we will not let anything go unresponded to. >> yes and no. when he was asked about that issue and asked about iran in general, that was the first question at the press conference. it was under the guys that unlike what happened over the last two years, this time between the chinese and the russians and you need to increase any sanctions, it wasn't clear that the chinese and the rugs were there. i'm not saying they were not there, but they were not nearly as supportive to the u.s. campaign to rally the p 5 plus one. the president in that answer said he is working on it. they are not necessarily fully absorbing he said the iaea report.
9:31 am
the president said iran -- he doubled down on this idea and said no option is off the table and they always have the obama administration for military action. he didn't want to address the criticism and said i'm not ready to get into politics yet, but he seemed to hint at the idea that the republicans are going to say things for the need of politics and that is the way things stand right now. i wouldn't say he fully responded. he almost didn't want to. he did choose to respond on another topic and another question about the issue of waterboarding and whether or not is that is not torture. we did hear that come up and here's that exchange. >> if i were president i would be willing to use waterboarding. i think it was effective for our country. >> i don't see it as torture. i see it as enhanced
9:32 am
interrogation technique. >> they are wrong. waterboarding is torture and contrary to america's traditions and ideals. that's not who we are and how we operate. >> you see on that one, he had no problem confronting cain and bachm bachmann there was a tone change with mitt romney. >> at some point the calendar will turn and we will be in 2012. chuck todd from hawaii, thanks for joining us. other stories making headlines this morning, italians celebrated in rome after berlusconi officially stepped down amid the debt krigsz in that country. super mario will take over.
9:33 am
they may announce whether they take over the health care law. justices discussed the possibility in a closed door conference last week. tensions are rising where they warned anti-wall street protesters to take down camps in front of city hall. in portland hundreds were e evicted and many vowed to return. now the latest on the penn state scandal. despite charges against jerry san dusky and gary schultz, both are being paid out pennings. the patriots say sandusky is paid nearly $60,000 a year and schultz near 300,000 a year. michelle? >> reporter: that is one of the questions as to what the board of trustees and others want to answer in penn state as well as getting to the bottom of this
9:34 am
investigation. they are trying to figure out why so many years went by before any of these allegations were brought to a higher level. certainly they were brought to the campus level, but the big question today and this past week since the grand jury charges were handed up is why this was not raised to a level of going to the police level over the years. as you mentioned of course, jerry sandusky is at the story of this investigation. the former assistant coach here who is no longer here, but also headed a charity that had access to penn state campus activities. he is accused by the grand jury and alleged in 40 counts of sexual abuse involving as many as eight alleged victims president. the board met on friday and earlier last week they ended up firing penn state's football coach after 46 years of heading
9:35 am
this football team here at penn state. of course that certainly had fallout at one of the last home games over the weekend. a very emotional weekend for students as well as for the alleged victims and the board of trustees. they are trying to move forward not only with a committee to look into the investigation, but also trying to rebuild the trust here on campus. chris? >> michelle, one thing that i was struck by in reading the coverage is jerry sandusky is out on bail. she is coming under criticism. can you tell us more about that? >> reporter: certainly jerry san dusky is out on bail and the judge in that case who said he didn't have to post bail unless he did not show up reduced that bail to $100,000. the controversy is that leslie has volunteered for sandusky's
9:36 am
charity for the second mile which is part of this whole investigation. that's a big question as to whether there is a big conflict of interest and whether or not that should have been disclosed further as we go along. >> michelle franzen, thank you. a sad and developing story. thanks for staying on top of it. the clock is ticking for the super committee to find over a trillion dollars in budget savings did meet over the weekend. according to congressional aides, the prognosis is still not very good. kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill with all the talk. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. it does seem like the predictions of gloom and doom hung in over the weekend and starting the next week. they did meet and many say it's a sign that there is something to be talked about in terms of overcoming impasses. the republicans have given some by adding revenue and bringing
9:37 am
in more money to the government by getting rid of deductions and they want to see tax rates be lowered for all americans. democrats are saying it has been a painful process for them working at entitlements and when the president waited on this by calling the two chairs of the committee. he said the one thing he doesn't want to see is any attempt to remove what we have been calling the trigger. if they fail, it would be across the board cuts. some said one way out is to legislate a way out. the president said he would not get behind that. as we have seen, there is always a lot of consternation before we get somewhere. many are concerned they may not be able to get itting to n time. >> nine days and counting. we will be relying on you. it will be getting more and more interesting. coming up, rick perry's plan to avoid another on-stage brain freeze. what happened behind the scenes
9:38 am
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gives you the lowest plan premium in the country... so you can focus on what really matters. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. they have failed to pass the straight forward legislation necessary to keep the government running. >> a flash back to this day in 1995. it seemed so long ago when 800,000 federal employees were ordered out of their jobs. national parks and monuments shut down and operated with skeleton crews with what was a five-day long partial government shut down.
9:42 am
back to politics and rick perry and whether he can bounce back. he is back in iowa today after trying to laugh off his debate flub of last week. the brain freeze has already damaged him in polls and unfortunately for perry become a late night comedy staple. >> it's up there somewhere. i can feel it dancing around. come on. >> look, maria, can we move on. i want to be president, but not like this. >> governor perry, we are waiting for the third department. >> hey, leave him alone! i tell you about the women. i tell you all the vivid details and there a lot. leave this poor man alone. look at him. >> wow. the image of a sleeveless rick perry. a senior writer for news week and the daily beast and a syndicated columnist and
9:43 am
visiting professor at the university of georgia and a republican strategist and senior vice president of crc public relations. lois, you never want to be the opening bit of a "saturday night live" skit. i think that's generally a good rule in politics. how much has this damaged rick perry? we have the washington journal poll out and he was at 8% earlier and dropped to 4%. that seems toing is this is a big problem. >> it's cumulative. that was a bad thing to have happen. if he had been doing great in the other debates, he might have laughed it off and people might have felt sorry for him. >> for it was mitt romney, it would have been an off moment. >> it's reinforcing the preconcepti preconception. i'm not sure he can climb out of this short of something remarkable happening. i think he's done. >> somebody studying republican
9:44 am
politics, it's not with any of them. you are an adviser to rick perry. an unenviable job at the moment. what do you say and what do do you? >> what they are trying to do, we will find out if it works. they try the self depp riication tour and he did all the morning shows. you checked that box. he exceeded expectations in the debate over the weekend which probably wasn't hard to do, but still a win for him in a sense. >> one hurdle was cleared. >> you have to clear some hurdle somewhere. my athletic career in a nut shell. he is dumping a million dollars on fox and hopes to change the subject and spend more money in the actual states that come first. iowa and south carolincarolina. it may not be enough. if something is going to work,
9:45 am
that is going to have to work. what he wants to talk about and raising the questions about other candidates. that's the only route back. it is not impossible, but it will be difficult. >> he it $15 million in the bank. money alone won't win it, but it gives him a chance. >> money can't buy you love. >> let's go from rick perry to the controversy of several weeks ago. it may be today. herman cain. nbc washington journal they contacted voters and right after november 2nd to 5th. how concerned are you? 17% said a great deal or quite a bit they went in november 10th to 12th and 28% said great deal, quite a bit not 75%, but it's 3 and 10. have we heart the last of this? i would be stunned.
9:46 am
has he survived? >> last week it seemed certain that we were going to hear from more women. one of the women who got a settlement from the national restaurant association said through her attorney that she was willing to speak. if other women came forward. if t seemed certain we would have a constant sort of drip, drip, drip of these women coming forward, keeping the allegations alive for herman cain. this herman cain campaign has been a fascinating thing to watch. watching herman cain is like watching a drunk on a live wire act. you know that this guy -- >> i love that comparison. >> at some point and somehow he stays up there. considering what happened to him, his numbers are pretty good. they haven't fall 19 far. >> i agree. it's remarkable. >>s it debate performances don't
9:47 am
seem to affect the numbers that much. we talked about rick perry and herman cain is not a spectacular performer and i thought saturday night was his weakest debate so far. he doesn't know anything about foreign policy. so far he's got pretty good numbers. >> lois, quickly, we will come back. are you surprised as someone who followed campaigns for a long time. this will be hard to survive. this is a story that keeps playing out. how has he done it? >> up to this point he's done it by deflecting and diminishing. he said this is so beneath us all and why are we discussing it and denying. the three d's. people are disgusted with the politics of personal destruction. they are giving him -- he's benefiting from that. >> that's the story so far. it hasn't been over. we'll be right back. much more with our panel,
9:48 am
including the countdown to the super committee deadline. it's nine days. you can count it on two hands. first trivia time. which member of congress was once charged with stealing a maserati. darrell issa. those changes stem from an incident in cleveland way back in 1972 and were later dropped. issa did go on to found a car alarm manufacturing company. the viper system. we'll be right back. you are watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. ♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place.
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lois romano, cynthia tucker and keith. all right. it's nine days. i know it's close when i can count it on my hands. it's nine days before this deadline, november 23rd deadline of the super committee pr we're
9:52 am
getting conflicting reports about how much progress is being made. here's what texas congressman, a republican, had to say about taxes, interestingly enough. and we'll come back, keith, i want to come back with you. let's listen to this. >> we believe that, frankly, increasing tax revenues could hurt the economy but within the context of a bipartisan negotiation with democrats clearly they are a reality. whatever damage would be done by $250 billion of new taxes we think would be offset by a system that would help create jobs. >> so the line for republicans all along has been no tax increases. this does not sound like no tax increases. is there a possible path toward tax increases, and is that the right thing for the republican party to do? >> i'm sure there's a wait for it but i don't think it's going to play well with, a, the conservative base of the republican xaert which is energyienerg
9:53 am
energized to beat barack obama right now. and the tea party element to energize it through so many elections in the last couple of years. if the republicans cave, they're going to risk a lot of their own seats as well as an opportunity -- >> you believe, just to define cave, you believe tax increase at all is a caving on the republican party? >> absolutely. when you have anything -- remember, in washington speak, tax revenues could be anything. what the republican majority was elected to do in the house was not cave on tax increases. it was to cut spending, cut regulations and hopefully hold the line if not cut taxes. if they're not going to do that, then they're risking the majority. >> scynthia, the numbers, do yo think that super committee will reach its goals? no, 69%. yes, 21%. which keith rightly before we came back noted, that's a lot higher than congress' approval rating. is this just a result of the
9:54 am
kind of pessimism that exists in the country or is it more than that? >> it's both. for goodness sakes, they've been watching this congress in action or in inaction rather, they watch this congress bring the country to the brink of default on its debt for the first time in its history. you know, this is where i think many observers are right when they say the u.s. has problems that resemble greece or italy. our debt isn't anywhere near as bad as theirs. our tax structure not anywhere near as bad. but our politicians are coming close to being as bad as theirs. in their failure to solve the big problems. everybody has agreed this massive debt is a huge problem, yet they are completely unable to solve the problem. >> i totally agree. lois, the question is, can congress, a, do big things and, b, this is the thing i remind people, do their constituents want them to do big things?
9:55 am
the people say, yeah, do big things, when they say we have have to raise taxes or cut entitlement, whoa, i don't want that. >> that's difficult to navigate thauz they're listening to small and big. but i think what you're maheari is a reflection of those poll numbers from the battleground and that they're talking a language of that's more conciliatory. but i think they're way part apart. >> in terms of -- >> you notice they're in the in a highly charged conversation now. they're like, oh, yeah, we're going to try. >> it's still monday. >> right. exactly. but i think this is going to really reach armageddon. >> debt ceiling again. >> yeah. >> let me go to shameless plugs because i don't want -- chuck is in hawaii but is watching closely. he does not want me to miss it. >> i think congress' approve rating is going to get lower. the new book "throw them all out" has a lot of bad things in it for both democrats and republicans. especially members of congress doing insider tradesing with
9:56 am
close door meetings with ben bernanke and hank paulson. the next day people week john kerry, dick durbin, big names are going to take a lot of heat or what they did not aftermath. >> cynthia? >> i'm going to shamelessly plug my own column i am writing about how age and race are factors in political party identification. you can read it at >> lois? >> i have a book, too, by jim news on the on the eisenhower years. the fascinating about it is this general between '52 and '60 when he was president, one soldier died. >> that's amazing. thank you all for joining me. tonight, capital washington, d.c., i'm hosting a trivia night. come. and that's it for this edition of "the daily rundown." see you back here tomorrow as chuck continues his world travels with president obama. coming up next on msnbc is "chris jansing and company." at noon, don't miss the premier
9:57 am
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